repeating distance TDT

Big Group Repeating Distance at Toronto Dance Theatre
June 3, 2009.
This page room,
air as tangible parchment,
moving scribes we, together,
scale a mountain, re-inventing measures for climbing,
going to great lengths to balance
on edges of risk and recovery.
The hands of many
timing the placement of our history
as we become earth and quake to the impossible possibility of
“can you see me”
“yes, yes. yes, …”
The tips of our fingers tracing lines into solid forms that float and root
into such great appetite for imagining,
where sushi and halibut
form aquatic adventures
into this aquarium
that with the water of our words and moving
floats us buoyant and crazy
into the spill of porous capturing.
In this dance spoken word rant
parading towards margins of
 voices that gather intimate,
that gather strange,
that gather I/eye into
a humming choir of passing present lives,
streaming through the waterworks
of body,
a huge party of well-wishers,
carrying on into the night and day of song,
a resolutely invisible remedy,
going on and on and on.
Lin Snelling