london UK 2011

london UK

the place  /  july 2011


guest artist

sally marie

Sally Marie trained at Central School of Ballet and has since performed in numerous works by Jasmin Vardimon, Sean Tuan John, Duckie at the Barbican, Déjà Donne and many more. She is currently working with Ridiculusmus at the National Theatre in London.  Her choreographic credits include Dulce et Decorum which was performed two years running in Spring Loaded at the Place in London, and led to the formation of her own company Sweetshop Revolution.  Sally performed with Protein in Luca Silvestrini’s B For Body. LOL, and Dear Body.  She was nominated for the Spotlight Award for best female artist (modern) in the 2007 National Dance Awards, was voted Best Female Performer the same year by Dance Europe, and has most recently been nominated for the Outstanding Female Performance in the 2011 Critics Circle National Dance Awards.  Her other creations include, The Extra performed in the Linbury’s “Firsts” season (2006), as well as From Mum to Mum to Me.




sally marie


 the place 2011

Curious.  fixing
I’m a bit bored
keep clear of me
I need my space
Dancing with yourself on the floor
Swimming feet floor found & bound
fingers touching
the painting in the paint on the ceiling
Lin floating sideways down, and backwards down in parachute
Shy mirror
Table mechanic guy.
Fixing space.
The roof to the door opening up into butterflies of ideas flying
around the room.  The story stands alone.  Language extends experience
in time and space, whilst writing extends language.
Her favourite band.
Me in place and the place in me.  The place most inside us.
Which place most inhabits each one of us.
I thinks it’s AIR.
and its blue…
and also green
and also ochre
and light and a little bit…
like a kitten.
Sunlight soft splashing in squares in the studio.  Studio soft sand floors.  Bodies
sinking yielding into the black and being happy to be able to move…
Michael coming with extra eye to watch from the corner.
Tracing the past and the future and other people’ pasts.
Breathing out into a body at my feet.
Run-on sentences and they run & run & run.  They go on
and on and on.  A run-on sentence running. It’s like this
constant constant constant running.  Other end really –
Would you like to go to the Olympics?  To see them run.
It’s so beautiful.  Someone running just running.


guy cools


week 2  (July 25th till 30th 2011) 

with Sally Marie at The Place, in London
first day
Miranda’s observing and writing exercise:
You need to touch it, to see it.
Someone wrote/carved ‘noodle’ in it. What was she hungry for?
My body is coughing because of/against the ventilation system.
Someone used this chair to paint with. What was she painting? The wall? A ceiling?
You need to touch it, to see it.
My fingertips screeching the wood.
My fingertips are like the nerves – unique.
If you touch it, you ‘ll hear it.
Someone sat on this chair. Was she reading? Was she?
You need to hear it, to feel it.
Someone was carving time in the wood. Hours? Days? Weeks? Years?
How many of these marks were made deliberately? How many by accident? How many just by time passing?
Like the scars, traces on my skin.
Would wood also transform from the inside, creating wood pimples?
There are all these wood ripples, like on a sandy beach. What created them? Wind or fire?
Would someone be able to read my age from the scars on my skin?
Hidden underneath, someone left a fingerprint in white paint. Who is she?
You have to feel it, to know it.



lin snelling


rewriting distance / London July 2011

Sally Marie
Guy Cools
Lin Snelling
Reflection after day one:
Standing up, still
a room that is so white,
with window,
open to view of
more windows
and the open sky…
(high vibration)
brings reflection
back to body …

She touched gently
her skin,
the whole hand placed,
her skin reading her own palm.
She speaks out what
this touch amplifies
“you are/are not your body”

he/she loves me,
he/she loves me not,
A way to count, to remember
to wonder
out loud.